Three Wishes

In response to daily promt

My wishes:-

1. Permanent solution to the conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue because it’s enough now. Both countries are spending (wasting actually) huge amount of money on it, more importantly it is posing threat to cultural integrity of India.

2. To control  population of India because it is increasing at alarming rate due to which            unemployment and corruption are high in India.

3. If above two wishes are fulfilled then India will be a great country to live in, which is my third wish.


Five rupee

It was a hot summer day of June. I was travelling to Patiala by bus. I was sweating profusely and waiting impatiently to reach my destination. Finally bus reached  bus stand. I got down and headed to one of those Agro juice kiosks set up in bus stand to have a glass of cold refreshing orange juice to quench my thirst and get some relief from scorching heat. As I was sipping my juice, a person came there in attire of a sadhu and in a tone of helplessness he said,” Please help me with five rupees.” He said it once and stood there waiting for my response. I really felt like giving him money but simultaneously something stopped me from giving. I paid money to kiosk owner and located bus for Rajpura, got into that and took seat on left side to protect myself from sunlight. I started figuring out involuntarily that why I didn’t give money to that sadhu. As I prodded my inner self I realized there was stereotype in my mind that every single person asking for money in the garb of sadhu at public places was a rogue. Totally immersed into introspection, I didn’t notice conductor standing in front of me until he  touched my shoulder  and asked where I have to go. I had traveled on this route several times before so I handed over a twenty rupee note and a coin of two rupee to him as fare for Rajpura from Patiala was twenty-two rupees. He returned two rupee coin and demanded five rupees and told me that fare was hiked. This mere  mentioning of five rupees reminded me instantly about that sadhu but I suppressed the thought and handed him a ten rupee note. He wrote five in numerical form on the back of ticket, encircled it, and instructed me to take  refund before getting down from bus while handing over ticket to me. Done with getting ticket, my mind went back to that sadhu. Whole episode was still fresh in my mind and now I started witnessing it without any stereotypes and I saw how he asked me for money just once and didn’t coax like beggars. I could also see how uncomfortable he was feeling standing there while waiting for my response and he didn’t look into my eyes even once. I was convinced that he really needed five rupees and he was not a beggar in disguise of a sadhu. More than anything else, it was my intuition which was saying that he was not a beggar and he really needed money. I started feeling guilty as if I had committed some grave crime. I tried to divert my mind and started looking outside but of no use.This guilt feeling was getting protracted . After some time there was this shrill sound of whistle and bus rolled to a halt. I got down and some people got into the bus. Bus passed by me while I was lingering (with burden on my soul)  towards auto stand to take auto for my university. I took out my wallet while walking, to look if I had ten rupee change to give to auto driver, and I saw five written on the back side of folded ticket and realized that I have forgot to take refund. I don’t know why, but it made me feel relieved. I interpreted it as an act of god who adjusted these five rupees in same day entry on his daily accounts register and made payment to that sadhu on my behalf in some miraculous way best known to him. That was my salvation.