There was this sage in one village who was famous for foretelling the future. People used to come to him  from far away places to ask about events which were going to  happen in there life. There was one child in that village. It caught his fancy that how someone could tell things which had not happened yet. He planned to test the credibility of that sage. He chalked out a plan for it.
He planned to catch one butterfly in his hand. He also planned that he will go to sage and ask him, if he could tell whether butterfly in his hand is living or dead. He  further decided that he will release the butterfly in his hand  if sage told it is dead and if sage told that butterfly is alive then he will kill her inside.
On one fine sunny day he caught one butterfly from a nearby garden  of his house and went directly to the ashram of sage. Sage was sitting outside squatting on ground and smiled when he saw the child coming to him.
Child came near to him and asked if he could tell weather butterfly inside his hand is dead or alive and started mentally preparing  to do things accordingly to his plan.
Sage smiled at the child and said,” It depends on you”


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